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Kristan post on December 9th, 2012
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I haven’t blogged for a while…I was lost in online English and Chemistry class. Yes, chemistry, online, is what I wrote. I still have two weeks left of the class, 2 labs of 15! All of these at home! Picture me at the 24 hour Walmart, buying very odd things for my “at home experiments” at 2am in the morning (the only time I will dare to go to that crazy place)!

After what seemed like a week, a semester has flown by, my English 102 class is over! I have been so wrapped up in proper grammar and spelling, you would think that I am in 4th grade again!!

For my final project (remember those in high school) I created a website about my 10 page research paper. Did I bore you just by that? Well, wait, although it did take up my facebooking and instagram time, the website came out to be something that I’m pretty proud of!!

I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to write about two of the things that mean a lot to me! Healthcare and Spirituality!

Starting my college classes to get back on track in finishing my BSN was a little bit SCARY! I failed my third semester in nursing school, about 4 years ago. My youngest was 8 months old and walking already…studying was my very last priority as a single mom, working two jobs! It was 2 questions, silly mistakes that I made, I was really stressed out, not too many people thought I could do it, and I believed that they were right! A 74.2 % when all I needed was a 74.5% to pass, still makes me cringe! I actually cried, when I sat down with my nursing instructor. Those years were some of the most devastating in my life.

So here we are, years have gone by and I have at least started again! I’m amazed that I feel like a new student again, with my future ahead of me, my failures behind me. I am completely surrounded by people who absolutely believe that I can do it! And I see myself graduating, I have my eye on the prize!

Now this has not been the easiest of times, but I feel like they are the BEST of times! I am still working full-time, still full-time mom, and on a very serious walk of faith and getting more involved in my church, while trying to exercise and eat healthy! Can you belive that, even though I am still working the night shift, I actually am sleeping more than ever!!! I do all these things, not by my own…

But with God’s strength. I remember my Aunt once told me, when I told her, “I feel depressed,” that I DO NOT have the luxury of being depressed!!! I think of that when I start having a, what we call in our family, “a pitty party” where we get sad, mope around, get lazy, feel overwhelmed…and the list goes on, it’s a “pitty party” doesn’t matter the cause or the symptoms, or who did what to you, it’s still a “pitty party” and no one who loves you will go to it with you!!

If I get in that mood were I have to work, house is a mess, need to go to the market, and finish my chemistry lab, I tell God I am so grateful for all these things I need to do, and I ask him to please take my worries, I do as it says in 1 Peter 5:7, “cast my cares” because I know that he cares and he will help me!
I ALWAYS feel better after I do that, and when it gets really bad… I force myself to go hiking, and at the top of the mountain, I look down at how small everything is while I am reminded how BIG God is and how he made me be great just like him!

You can do it all too! Forget the past, don’t worry about tomorrow. Today is a NEW DAY!

New International Version (©1984) Psalms 55:22
Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.
I like this website, because it give good cross references to the scripture.

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7 responses .

  1. Teresa says:

    Psalms 55:22 is one of my favoriets! I’m goinf to pass alog this blog! Can’t wait to read the next!

  2. Jessica says:

    There is so much truth to this, I feel like I can do it all if your a single mom and up doing chem labs at 2am, then i can at least geat out of bed! like your great grandma said! Thanks for this, very inspiring

  3. Marco says:

    You are really right about feeling sorry for myself! its a luxeury that I do not have!

  4. Jennifer says:

    “i do this not on my own, But with God’s strength”! Amen to that and congratulations on you good grades! I am a single mom and starting online school next month!!

  5. Brenda says:

    Hi Kristan :)
    I am also taking online classes, and working full time. it keeps me busy, and like you i am happy to be that way. Chemistry is next for me, do you think I can take that along with the microbiology online?
    I have a friend that did it but she wasn’t working.
    Those are the last classes I need to get into the RN program

    • Kristan says:

      Hello Brenda,

      That is really good to hear! As far as science classes online, I don’t recommend taking more than one at a time. Especially if your working full- time. For chemistry, it was actually like taking two classes, because the Labs were really time consuming and your on your own with them at home!

      Good Luck in all your ventures!!

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