31 December 2012

Kristan post on January 1st, 2013
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There are so many blogs, Facebook status updates, email, text messages….all about resolutions and New Year and happy, happy happiness in starting new and fresh.

I wanted to be unique in my intentions this year.  Honestly, I don’t even remember what mine were last year!  Oh yes, it was finally have the courage to get my wisdom teeth pulled after 13 years of putting it off, my teeth were becoming disallined.   Ruining my years of agony in braces, seriously, after 7 years I dispised that dental office chair!!

So, I scheduled ahead my “oral surgery for extraction,” horrific sounding right???  The first week in Jan.  So I can get it over with, it wasn’t over with so fast how everyone else is back to work in two days.  Nope, I got at least three complications, they warned about in the video I had to watch before they put me to sleep! 

I recovered of course, after about 6 weeks in 6 to 9 out of 10 pain. I was feeling better and back to work. 

February was my first shift back to work in 2012, everything the same of course, no big difference.  When you work at a hospital, you get excited about small changes, like new linen or butt cream for the patients! Haha

I always work the New Years eve and day shifts because I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas mean more to younger kids, so I like to be home for them, and me too.

So, here I am at work New Years Eve.  Most of my co-workers are unhappy, complaining and as usual under staffed.  I am asking myself, what is really the difference between a hospital, or hotel??  Only that the visitors are NOT happy or celebrating that they are here!!!  Haha, sometimes it feels that way for me on hard shifts where your patience is stretched to the max with demanding co-workers and grumpy patients.

What is the difference between a new year, new month, new semester in school, or a new day, and so on?  There really isn’t a difference!!  It’s all about time, the remembering of a time or moving on with time. 

Life is all about a new start! Each day, moving on, forgeting about yesterday, last year, the last 10 years for some of us. 

New Years Day, is a reminder for us all to start fresh and move on, continue growing, changing, and forgiving!  Most of all to reach inside and be loving and kind no matter what situation you find yourself in! 

I don’t want that feeling of regret about what I did, or didn’t, and u don’t want to think back anymore wondering if I was kind and loving enough.  Or that I was too loving, or too kind and that resulted in me being taken advantage of.  There is no way we can be too loving and nice to each other!!! 

My Aunt D always tells me, be loving and kind. And when I follow this, I never look back in regret.  I stand my ground and know that I did my best and I’m continuing that today and tomorrow!

My prayer for all my readers is that you be loving, thankful & blessed as well as a blessing in all that you do in the new year and in the rest of your days!

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